FxWirePro™ is a leading financial analysis company providing
real time research to FX participants around the world

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Actionable FX Analysis & Intelligence

FxWirePro™ is a trusted professional grade real-time financial analysis company providing investors and traders with a comprehensive overview and insight of the global currency markets.

Established as an independent research company in 2010, our team of analysts provide real time analysis on:

  • Currency Forecasts
  • Money Market
  • Sovereign Ratings
  • Institutional Positions
  • Treasury
  • Geopolitics
  • Economic Indicators
  • Digital Currencies
  • Commodities
  • Technical Analysis
  • Central Banks
  • Stock Indices


FxWirePro™'s financial analysts monitor the foreign exchange market to
curate the most timely and actionable newswires in the industry.


FxWirePro™'s FX news gives forex participants an edge with expert commentary, in-depth analysis and news curated by FxWirePro™'s global team of FX editors and reporters.


Global event coverage impacting forex, equity, bonds and the futures product complex. Coverage includes economic data points, monetary policy alterations, international events, exclusive commentary and notable price movement.


Experts at analyzing news and trends, FxWirePro™'s analysts generate actionable trading ideas. Examples include unusual options activity, cross-currencies to trade on news items and price spikes.


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